HOA Assessments - General

Special Assessments

There are no Special Assessments at this time.  However, future community needs may require that a Special Assessment be assessed in the future.

Transfer of Ownership Reserve Fund Fee

The Transfer of Ownership Reserve Fund Fee is $350.00.  It is to be paid by the Buyer (New Owner) of the unit at the time of the transfer of Title.

Monthly HOA Assessments and fees

The HOA monthly assessment is $220.00(2024) for all units, which includes a portion allocated to the Reserve Fund for major repairs and capital improvements.

The HOA monthy assessment covers all exterior maintenance including: exterior lighting, roof maintenance, carports, General Common Area foundations, lawn and grounds care using irrigation water provided by our shares of water with the Grand Valley Irrigation District, irrigation pump room and automated watering system, Sanitation, refuse pick-up, snow removal (when necessary), and common HOA Insurance (not to be confused with the individual unit owner's policy).

Due to utility company metering logistics, the units within the 12-plex buildings, (700, 800 and 900) are charged separately for utilities in addition to the HOA monthly assessment. The utility charges provide each unit with domestic water (Ute Water) and Xcel Energy charges for heating and hot water. The Xcel Energy charges are based on the actual utility energy usage per building and are allocated per a unit's square footage for each unit within the building.  Therefore, utility charges range depending on the size of the unit within each building. ** See HOA Assessments - Unit Specific.  Westwood has no control over these rates, they are billed to the HOA directly through Xcel Energy and Ute Water.

The individual owner will also need to establish their own account with Xcel Energy for electrical service and, if desired, cable TV and internet. 

Expenses Covered By Monthly HOA Assessments

  1. General costs associated with operations and maintenance of common elements, such as:
    1. Sewer and trash services
    2. Irrigation water fees
    3. Equipment for lawn care
    4. Irrigation system maintenance
    5. Common area lighting 
    6. Supplies and materials to maintain the building's exteriors
    7. Contract services to repair and maintain roofs, gutters, and 12-plex boilers and hot water heaters, etc.
    8. Clubhouse expenses, furnace and A/C cleaning equipment and supplies
    9. Insurance covering Association-owned property
    10. Accounting and legal services
  2. Charges for Association contract services including:
    1. Association bookkeeper
    2. Temporary, seasonal contractors when needed
  3. Capital Improvement projects (designated "reserve fund") including:
    1. Reroofing buildings, parking sheds, and storage sheds
    2. Repair and resurfacing of the parking areas
    3. Replacement of 12-plex furnaces and boilers
    4. Replacement of 12-plex domestic hot water heater

Due Dates/Late fees

Monthly association fees are billed on the first of the month, due upon receipt; late on the 16th.  Payments received after the 15th are subject to the following late fees:
  • A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for a payment made by the 16th of the following month.
  • A $35.00 late fee will be assessed for a payment made two months late.
  • A $50.00 late fee will be assessed for balances more than 2 months overdue.

Historical Monthly HOA Assessments

2024: $220 2012: $165
2022: $200 2011: $160
2021: $190 2010: $155
2020: $185 2009: $155
2018: $180 2008: $145
2017: $180 2007: $145
2016: $175 2006: $145
2015: $170 2005: $135
2014: $165 2004: $135
2013: $165 2003: $125