Architectural Request form

One of the primary roles of the homeowner’s association is
to help maintain property values.

The role of the HOA architectural process is not to be a burden, but rather to maintain visual harmony throughout the neighborhood, enabling the HOA to be successful in its mission of preserving property values. 

Architectural Guidelines should serve as a ROADMAP for the members.

Before making exterior additions or modifications, homeowners must complete an architectural requests form and email to the Westwood address.  It will then be sent to the relevant committee, members of that committee then have an obligation to respond within a set amount of time.

Having an architectural review process is critical for any HOA and an integral part of every association. Creating a consistent review process including:

  • Standardized approvals for homeowners
  • Consistent look & feel throughout the neighborhood
  • Property values that are better maintained and protected

Members are expected to maintain a beautiful outdoor look in their community, it helps to keep Westwood community values high. 

These current Architectural Standards and Guidelines about the approval process will now be included in the HOA governing docs, including the CC&Rs.


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